12 Tips for Dealing with Holiday Stress

dealing with holiday stress

12 Tips to Survive the 12 Days of Christmas

No matter what your religious or cultural tradition, holidays can present additional stress. Additional family and financial dynamics are bound to present themselves around this time of year, so I wanted to encourage us all to take conscious steps toward a peaceful, worry-free season.

12. View the holiday season as an opportunity to improve your psychological well being. Perspective is everything.

11. Take time for yourself. Remember that your time and energy are limited resources. You may be pulled in multiple different directions during the holiday season, but take time to recharge your batteries, slow down, and focus on self-care.

10. Look for opportunities to bless others. There’s no time like Christmas to find a place to volunteer or give back.

9. Expect imperfection. Even the best laid plans for the perfect family gathering may not go the way you had hoped. Be flexible and resilient in the face of a burnt turkey or a late arriving guest.

8. Establish your priorities and set boundaries. Stay focused on what is most important and valuable to you during the holidays and keep those as priority.

7. Consider opting out of some events. Be selective with your time, energy,  and finances. Choose only the events you really enjoy.

6. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Remind yourself on a daily basis of the things you are thankful for, and you will see the positive effects on your health and emotional well being.

5. Try something new. If the same old traditions bring you the same old negative outcomes, try starting a new tradition. Have the party at someone else’s house this year.

4. Don’t neglect your physical fitness. Meditation, exercise, and healthy eating can keep our bodies operating at full strength and can go a long way toward our psychological well being.

3. Don’t isolate yourself. If you’re feeling left out, then get out of the house and find some way to join in. There are hundreds of places you can go to enjoy the sights and sounds of the season.

2. Learn forgiveness and acceptance. If some of your relatives have always acted out or made you feel bad, chances are that won’t change. If you know what you’re getting into, it will be easier to not let them push your buttons.

1.Ask for help. If your holiday anxiety seems severe or is interfering with your job or home life, talk to a counselor, or if need be, consult your physician.

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