Reduce Stress and Chronic Pain with this One Practice


Thirty-five years ago Massachusetts scientist, Jon Kabat-Zin, developed a new approach to overcoming the challenges and adventures of everyday life. The intensive training program he developed is called Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). It uses mindfulness meditation to allow participants to increase their awareness of their experiences, and respond more effectively to pain, illness, and stress.

The Greater Good program at University of California Berkeley notes the history of the practice, including some important changes. “Though it has its roots in Buddhist meditation, a secular practice of mindfulness has entered the American mainstream in recent years.

Mayo Clinic describes mindfulness as the “act of being intensely aware of what you’re sensing and feeling at every moment — without interpretation or judgment.” Practicing mindful activities has proven to be effective in a variety of areas, including improving relationships, boosting relaxation, calming anxiety, and even increasing school and work performance.

A recent study from the Journal of the American Medical Association showed mind based therapies may ease lower back pain, an ailment sixty-five million Americans suffer from. This is especially important news, since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently told doctors they should really, really think twice before prescribing opioids for chronic pain.

Mindfulness is a simple practice which offers great benefits. If you’d like to talk in greater depth about how to use mindfulness and MBSR to improve your health and well being, call me at (615) 308-8680 or email

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